Rings Of Kalimdor

Night 1

Bandits on the Road

The adventurer’s are traveling briskly down an old beaten path in the middle of winter. They are lightly clothed and the weather is roughly 22 Degrees Fahrenheit. Each of them equipped with tattered thermals and old thin sweatshirts, but not to forget they were also barefoot. In the distance the travelers see an old horse carriage with someone commandeering it. The carriage approaches and is being controlled by an elderly woman. “It’s awful cold out here, would you strangers like a place to stay tonight.” asks the elderly woman. The party nicely declines her offer. The elderly woman then lends a few blankets to keep them warm to the travelers. The party then stops in their tracks and begin to set up camp. Kris destroyed a full tree and used his fire breath to start a campfire. Jennifer began to use her sword and dig a hole wide and deep enough to sleep in. Taylor just laid down and slept peacefully while Paul stayed up in a tree fully awake through the night. A group of bandits then proceeded in their direction as Paul attempted to awake the party. He finally awoke everyone and a band of 5 thieves charged the party. The party successfully defeat the bandits, only to leave the Bandit Captain. He was a smart ass and he had some OP armor, so he walked away unscathed. His name… Gonthorian. The next day, the party travel to the small town of Gerdentown, home of the hill dwarves. This is where they added party member Thomas Flamefist. They are now on their way to Thilas.




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